!! OMGaga, waterworks onstage in Toronto, courtesy of Maria Aragon !!

At about the 6:30 mark, where you see Lady Gaga welling up, that’s when it started. And then at 7:55 I just couldn’t stop myself. I cried. As in actual tears.
Maybe it’s because I skipped my morning can of Dr. Pepper or because my date canceled on me last night, but I got all caught up in Gaga’s emotion and her connection to this little girl — who, if you’ve been under a rock, is Maria Aragon, the 10-year-old Canadian whose cover of Born This Way has already reached 17 million YouTube views. And after Gaga talked to Maria on the radio, she invited the lil’ monster to perform with her on stage in Toronto. And then she did. And then I cried. And here we are.
(via PopEater)

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3 Comments on "OMGaga, waterworks onstage in Toronto, courtesy of Maria Aragon"

  1. I just wish the who it was beside the camera wasn’t singing… it makes it really hard to hear Maria.

  2. She was an hour and half late, cut songs out, and cut almost all of the songs short to finish the show quicker. but then again, thats why we LOVE lady gaga.
    gimme a break.

  3. yep. fucking waterworks.

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