!! One reason to go to North Dakota !!

Starbucks drivethrough! Call me naive, but I had no idea that these even existed until Enrique and I stopped in Grand Forks, ND to eat some Wendy’s and saw the big green sign across the street. So convenient, and they even apologized when they made us wait for five seconds to make our order. So polite. And fast! Wow, I would totally go back if I was ever going to be in North Dakota again, which I’m not.

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3 Comments on "One reason to go to North Dakota"

  1. Hahahaha…I didn’t know there was actually Starbucks that DIDN’T have drive thrus. In Hastings, Minnesota, we have a drive thru Starbucks. Yeah, they apologize about 50,000 times for being like 2 seconds late on your order. And once they effed up my drink and gave me the wrong size…they fixed the problem and gave me the whole thing free. It was way cool.

  2. We have drive-thru Starbucks here in Vancouver, B.C.. I’ll drive a half hour if I have to so I can get my latte and not get out of my car.

  3. I’ve never seen a starbucks without a drivethrough. (There’s no reason to go to North Dakota. Go to the Midwest.)

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