!! OMG, new music video: Onokio ‘touchless’ !!

Onokio touchless music videoWe felt alternately taken by the hand and dragged by our hair through the melting futuristic landscapes created by experimental electronic musician and video artist Onokio for his latest music video. The sounds in “touchless” are like a Monster Energy Drink for the Soul™ and we’re ready to pound another one.

Onokio describes the emotional center of the song, rooted in cathartic, collective club experiences that became only more precious in their rarity the last couple of years:

“Over the [redacted], the notion of a touchless reality became viscerally relevant, surfaces becoming these contorted lines, staring at beveled edges until they curl into a grin, leading to a strange longing I think we can all relate to, mainly the sensation of dancing with others in a space, and the intimacy that comes with that. the track can be taken as my requiem for that experience, and in it there is a deep celebration of that fantasy that is slowly shaping back to form.”

We recommend experiencing the video full-screen, headphones in. Strap in and watch after the jump!

Buy “touchless” on Bandcamp here. Onokio also just released a new 15-track album th. src. today, which you can listen to and purchase here.

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