!! OMG, yes! Pantene’s new holiday ads star transgender people !!

Did you know that 44% of LGBTQ people feel they can’t go home for the holidays as their true selves? Pantene’s “Coming Home Should Be #BeautifuLGBTQ” campaign features the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles singing the classic song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” as smaller stories unfold about members returning home for the holidays. Check out all three of the ads after the jump!


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1 Comment on "OMG, yes! Pantene’s new holiday ads star transgender people"

  1. Wow, as one of the 44%, I can say this commercial is terrifying. It’s like acknowledging our trauma and then shoving it in our faces in this hyper surreal version of the holidays. Most trans ppl who are mistreated by their family during the holidays dont secretly want to embrace that time of year, or anything related to it. It’s just shifting the focus from evil consumerism, & how fatal this time of year is for the poor and queer population. And Why Pantene? Total miss. Made for the straight do gooders who want to feel good about themselves this time of year. Ba humbug.

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