!! OMG, fashion musings: Paris Hilton rates her Y2K looks !!

Time capsule of Paris Hilton's looks.Paris Hilton is obviously the face of Y2K fashion. Between low-rise jeans, wedge heels, and sequin halter tops, Paris served so many looks back in the day that she hardly gave us time to come up for air.

But have you ever wondered what Paris thinks of her past fashion choices? Find out after the jump!

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3 Comments on "OMG, fashion musings: Paris Hilton rates her Y2K looks"

  1. The outfits were kinda cute then. Thank God she has a stylist today, though.

  2. She’s being very generous, most of those outfits would be right at home in a trailer park….

  3. Who cares or likes her? She’s irrelevant. ALWAYS!

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