!! OMG, how’s your self-care, hun? Ask Sylvia !!

Sylvia’s routine

Routines are important: They help us feel balanced and in control!

Everyday you should wake up at 7 AM, meditate (20 minutes), read (1 hour), have a healthy breakfast (25 minutes), journal your thoughts and feelings (22 minutes), and then dive deep into the productivity of your choosing. Exactly in that order. And if you don’t, that’s a sure fire way of having a bad day.

You should also know other people’s routines to see how you’re doing in comparison. If someone’s routine is a little more robust than yours, then you should definitely try to make yours better than theirs.

After watching the short film “Sylvia’s Daily Routine” by visual artist Labros Kordolemis, I felt a little threatened. Am I doing enough? Are you doing enough?

Check this piece of work out after the jump, and let us know in comments if we’re doing enough!


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3 Comments on "OMG, how’s your self-care, hun? Ask Sylvia"

  1. Alrighty then!

  2. And you posted this hot mess because of why?

  3. Is that Kim Kardashian? I think that’s Kim. Oh no wait, that’s Kylie. I think that’s Kylie. Nope, I think it’s their mother. No, now I realize it’s the tall one. On second thought, I’m convinced it’s Kim…..

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