!! OMG, have you heard? Peeps got their pannies in a twist after Ryan Philippe ‘fake’ came-out on Insta over Xmas !!

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5 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Peeps got their pannies in a twist after Ryan Philippe ‘fake’ came-out on Insta over Xmas"

  1. See this is why straight men can’t be affectionate with each other. Cuz everyone automatically says, “oh they’re gay” but then when they’re just 2 straight dudes being cheeky, now it’s “oh wow that’s homophonic.” They’re spending Christmas together and they took a cute pic by the tree. They’re not posing in a sexual position. They’re not kissing. Even the emoji is just 2 dudes holding hands. What’s wrong with that? Every single person that’s upset about this needs to take a breath. Im gay, I have straight friends that I’ve cuddled with. That I’ve held hands with.. That I’ve kissed. It doesn’t make them gay, and them not being gay doesn’t make it homophobic. If we want to get to a point where labels don’t matter and love is love, people really need to chill. Love is love doesn’t = gay sex. But speaking of gay sex, what about all the straight strippers and porn stars who are taking our money? Is that homophobic of them? Seriously just shut up and let them enjoy their holidays.

  2. To repurpose Alan Thicke’s quote when Kirk Cameron made the news….”He needs to be spanked, and not in a gay way…”

  3. He’s just ignorant.
    I guess he doesn’t understand that “coming out” isn’t a joke. Many struggle with this and many commit suicide rather than accept or come out.
    He’s just another ignorant actor whose time has come and gone. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    • After playing a gay teen struggling to come out on “One Life To Live” in the 90’s, he should know better . Not to mention being a sexual fantasy to many of us for many years now which I know he is very aware of . This is disappointing

      • What, exactly, did he do wrong here? The only people who made it a gay thing were people who assumed what the post was about. He shared a cute pic with his friend. People need to chill.

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