!! OMG, people share their most toxic teacher experiences online !!

We’ve all had them! Check out some of the most TOXIC TEACHERS from Hell recollections, shared on the net! Oof. Some of these are brutal. Check them out after the jump. Have you ever had a shitty prof, OMG!?


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  1. My high school PE teacher, Mr. Sherrill, called me “The Fag” and encouraged the other students to follow along. Two years previous to that, in Junior High Seventh grade, his brother was my PE teacher and pretty much did the same thing. Those boys had issues. Both of them married former students as well.

  2. ALL CHILDREN MATTER | July 26, 2022 at 11:23 am | Reply

    Henry Boubard, 80-year old residential school survivor, was 7 when he was abducted from his parents, and sexually assaulted during his 9 years at Fort Alexander, Manitoba:

    “You took away my education, you took away my life, you took away my marriage, you took away my identity, you took away everything I wanted to be. Now it’s nothing – After what the priest did to me, it changed everything.
    I felt dirty inside here, from what that priest did to me. Even later on when I was growing up I just, I don’t know it seemed like I just lost my mind, to be a person, a human being. I lost that, it seems like, who I was. What I was.”

  3. IN the 7th grade I was accused of copying off a mentally challenged student’s test, his name was Randy. I was out sick all week. I stood there with the special ed teacher and my teacher looking at my teacher saying ‘I was out last week it could not have been me,” and neither one believed me.THey made me apologize to Randy but I refused. They called my mother who tore them a new asshole..because I WAS NOT THERE LAST WEEK.

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