!! Perezhilton.com taken offline !!

The folks at X17 won the first battle in their war with uber-blogger Perez Hilton by convincing his host to take down perezhilton.com yesterday. X17 is in the process of suing Perez for copyright violation, as he uses their photos all the time without permission.
I’m not the biggest fan of Perez or his blog, but my feelings aside, I think it’s a shame that his host caved to the demands of the photo agencies. Perez is one of the hardest-working people in the blogosphere and I hope he’ll find a new host (maybe in Sweden) so his site can be online again soon.

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14 Comments on "Perezhilton.com taken offline"

  1. keep it down – dlisted is better and this site too – his site is at the bottom of my list which means I never go there.

  2. I don’t think you can be responsible for introducing that much negativity into the world and not expect the world to fight back.
    He has a compelling back story, and he must be very smart. I rank him right up there with Donald Trump as being media pollution.

  3. That photo of Perez (Mario) was taken a while back. It was used on his Manhunt ad. The same ad also posted a pictures of his circumsized dick. Quite impressive. He claims he is a top as well. Gee, back then I’d totally have done him. You’d think with all the money he makes, why can’t he hire a trainer. If he lost weight, he’d be so HOT!

  4. He’s vulgar trash, and that’s only cute in your late teens/early twenties.

  5. Uhm… perezhilton.com is still active…what does “offline” mean?

  6. I agree that he should pay for the pics now that he is rolling in the dough.
    I also agree that since he has set this precedent, other blogs should be able to steal/take/borrow stuff from his site.
    what is good for the gander is goood for the gander…or something like that.
    regarding the photo….well, i use to be hot too, back in 1982.
    jack jett

  7. The thing is, if he’s really using other site’s pics without permission, is he really working THAT hard? I’m not a fan of his either; still, some people enjoy him — but he should take his own pics! It’s one thing to download the photos for your own personal viewing; it’s another to take someone else’s works for your own commercial usage (and don’t tell me he’s not profiting from his blog!)
    Taking the site down is not the long term answer; hosting the site abroad is not either. If he’s going to use the photos for commercial purpose, pay for them for gawd’s sake.

  8. omg photoshop!
    sooo obvious…

  9. So since he works hard, it’s okay to steal someone else’s copyrighted property? That’s great. I work my ass off 14 hours a day, so I’m going to start taking Perez Hilton’s copy and using it on my own blog! I work hard, so it’ll be okay.

  10. I kinda think Perez is a douche, but like him or not, he’s good at what he does. I just think he’s really annoying and a jackass, so I don’t really miss his blog at all.
    Is that actually his body? If so and that’s not photoshopped, that’s kinda hot, despite the owner of it. Where did that picture come from and are there more? I want proof it is.

  11. Decent? He was fucking hot!

  12. Frank
    I can’t agree with you more regarding Perez Hilton. He works his ass off and deserves what ever success that comes his way.
    He is a controversial loudmouth who deals with a ton of hate being thrown his way. I have never seen someone sluff off negativity and dish it out at the same time
    I am confused about the lawsuit though.
    Don’t the people who sued him take photos of celebs? So they still the likeness of others and then try and sell them.
    Seems like they live off celebrity just as Perez.
    I don’t want to see ANY sites starting to close down.
    jack jett

  13. He was actually a decent looking guy. He should try and get back to this weight.

  14. it’s a shame. Do you have any more pics of him like that?

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