!! OMG, Ding-Dong, the witch is dead! Piers Morgan quits his show after Meghan Markle comments backlash !!

The ladies of The View fill us in on the TEA! Check him out storming off stage. Poor thing! Awe. Don’t you feel soooorry for the slighted and obsessed prick?

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8 Comments on "OMG, Ding-Dong, the witch is dead! Piers Morgan quits his show after Meghan Markle comments backlash"

  1. What the hell is McCain babbling about? Too much caffiene>

  2. It’s a very British thing, when a lower middle class lad (Piers was born O’Meara, and the name Morgan came from his stepfather who was a pub owner and meat distributor. Britain is still very much a class based society, and the elite 1%, by birth, look down on others, even if they themselves are impoverished. If one is not “to the manor born”, even very successful Britons like Sting, Sir Michael Caine, the Beatles, and Simon Cowell would not be accepted into the landed gentry. Piers was born an “outsider” (father Irish, mother English Catholic), and left his Irish name (O’Meara) for his step father’s more neutral “Morgan”. Then, a “bright lad”, he landed job as editor of The Mirror, one of Rupert Murdoch’s sensationalist tabloids, in his 20’s.

    Deep down, such people, despite their protests to the opposite, desperately would like to be granted some recognition by the “elite”, at least a knighthood. So, when he sees that his entire life of “accomplishments” until his 50s, he has been “overlooked” by not only a foreigner, but, heaven forbid, a part Black woman, his self-hate of his inborn social inferiority took over.

    It’s a very British, more specifically, English, mindset that has probably led to many English people to expatriate.

    • He got called out on his crap and couldn’t take it and that’s why he walked off. I am not a fan of Meghan but this guy is obsessed with her. Bravo to Alex Beresford for standing up to him and I didn’t know how good looking Alex Beresford was until now. I was cheering him on and drooling at the same time

      • I love how you take someone’s super thoughtful and context giving answer and are like …nah…he just couldn’t take the crap. Uggg.

        • Everyone is allowed to have their opinion including myself and Piers Morgan has been a total asshole for YEARS and his co worker called him out on it and he couldn’t take it and stomped off the set the end. Please try to do better and not imitate Piers Morgan’s rude behavior

          • Missing the point AGAIN, Matt. It’s as if in describing why things fall towards the earth, Sean gives an answer about gravity. And you come along and after hearing his explanation and go….no, it’s because the object is heavy. I agree that Piers Morgan sucks. As does Sean.

  3. But Meghan Markle is very much alive though?

  4. When is Meghan McCain going to finally walk off this show?

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