!! OMG Playlist: March 2022 !!

OMG Spotify Playlist March 2022

Every month, our music editor ED curates a special selection of newly released music for the OMG Playlist on Spotify (follow us @omgblog).

We’ve finally sprung forward, and is there any music more free-spirited, regenerative, and cathartically Springtime than Florence + The Machine? No! So we should all be grateful that she’s blessed us all with a new single, “My Love.” We dare you not to quit your job to go run through the meadow after you hear it.

Other big news this month: Charli XCX released her fifth studio album CRASH and we love it! The project marks the end of her contract with Atlantic Records, and we hear Charli try to walk back her infamous experimental flair and replace it with cookie-cutter generic pop tracks.

But, despite her best attempts, the qualities that make her distinctive still shine through. Check out Charli’s moves in her latest music video for “Baby”!

And don’t let anyone tell you there can only be one motor-vehicle-related themed album from a pop princess per month! Rosalía also released her album MOTOMAMI and includes catchy tunes like “Candy” and “La Fama” featuring The Weeknd. This album really captures Rosalía’s range!

We’re really digging David Guetta’s song “Trampoline” featuring Missy Elliott, BIA, and Doechii. Even though David Guetta is irrelevant, we’ll give him credit for laying down the track for Missy and the girls. This song sounds like classic Missy and is the perfect length (2.5 minutes) for a dance break!

Please enjoy the entirety of our dance-forward March playlist featuring tracks from Charlotte Adigéry, Princess Nokia, Peaches, and many more.

Check out the entire playlist above or on Spotify for a full spectrum of vibes.

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