!! OMG Playlist: November 2021 !!

Every month, our music editor ED curates a special selection of newly released music for the OMG Playlist on Spotify (follow us @omgblog).

OMG, Happy November! With daylight getting shorter, it can be easy to fall into a slump, but we’re back with a curated playlist of our favorite monthly new releases to lift your spirits.

This month, Grimes teamed up with dance music producer Chris Lake to launch her new digital AI girl group “NPC”. If you’re a Grimes fan, you know very well about her fascination with AI! Grimes announced the group members’ names are Oxycontin, Cortisol, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Tomorrow (LOL).

According to the artist,

“NPC can do all the things humans cannot. NPC will eventually be playable, customizable, and able to cater to each individual listener’s unique desires. Decentralized Popstardom. Made, not Born.”

We’re not really sure what this means, but the first song “Drug from God” is a banger!! Enjoy!

We’re also really excited to hear Alice Glass announce her new album PREY/IV. This is her first album since her departure from Crystal Castles and we’re already into the leading track “Baby Teeth.”

You wouldn’t even recognize the heart-rending lyrics are from how upbeat it sounds! We’re excited for all of the electro-gothic sounds Alice Glass will deliver to us on January 28!

Enjoy over two hours of new tunes on our November playlist, including releases from: Shamir, Sevdaliza, Beyonce, Adele, and many more.

Listen to the full OMG, it’s November 2021 Playlist above or on Spotify!

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