!! Posh Spice Unplugged !!

I didn’t know that Victoria Beckham still considered herself a musician, but I guess she has to do something in all these hours per day when she’s not reading books.
In this video she performs two songs accompanied only by a guitar. She actually doesn’t sound so bad, considering I thought she was just mouthing the words the whole time she was in the Spice Girls. The second song, “I Owe You,” written by Posh for her husband David Beckham, is especially poignant, as it is completely accurate. She really does owe him, at least insofar as we still remember her name.
Watch the video performance after the jump.

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28 Comments on "Posh Spice Unplugged"

  1. Not so keen on the music but how nice to see her smile, after what seems like about 5 years of big sunglasses and a grumpy frown you can’t deny whether thin or thinner she looks pretty when she smiles!

  2. Sean o the Lard | August 24, 2006 at 1:29 pm | Reply

    I have had bloody daymares about Spice reunions in fifty years time-I don’t know why I’m bothering but…Yes it’s average, but she can hold a tune, better than she used to be able to.
    I notice the vitriolics don’t slow down well enough to spell check, yet I can only echo some of their sentiments. The (new look) haircut arrived last week and the DB is on the left hand, I think. Some chaps I know at the Stardiamond Studio who worked (hard) on her earlier ‘stuff’ say that she is a nice person to work with so that goes in her favour. I think, regardless of what anyone thinks, that this will go to top ten for a week or two, so be prepared. I pass their house every day on my way to work, and wouldn’t personally like to fund any more of their brain sapping lifestyle by buying this. I might suggest that all the WAGs do the same, perhaps the next football anthem oh no please….

  3. Average voice, forgettable songs. I think the problem with Victoria Beckham’s music career has been crap choice of management and music. Her output since the Spice Girls has been dire – she’s just so out of the loop with the current music scene. Her voice is no better or worse than anyone elses – with a bit of studio polishing she could be singing on dance tracks and making halfway decent videos. But only if she puts on some weight and stops trying to compete with younger women. She’ll never get the years back so why doesn’t she just chill and stop trying to the Queen of Everything.

  4. I don’t like the song at all but I’m surprised that she can actually sing 😀 She didn’t sing much in the Spice Girls.

  5. dogshit…

  6. I was never a fan of the Spice Girls, but those who say she can’t sing, having listened to this must be tone deaf or exceedingly dim.
    These two songs, and that voice is certainly a great deal better than 90% of the crap that masquerades as music these days.
    The Beckhams have to put up with a load of vitriolic rubbish for no other reason that they are rich and successful.
    Jealousy is a sad sad thing.

  7. Not a good singer but she has style. You’ve got to hand it to her she turned her husband into a style icon despite him having a voice like a Teletubby.

  8. What a load of twattling bollocks! Which bastard dug this old piss up? Just as I was begining to forget about this talentles cow too! Arse!

  9. notquitetheidesofmarch | August 18, 2006 at 11:34 am | Reply

    I have heard worse… My own feeling about most of the people you dig up is they are rather a sad …perhaps slightly lost generation.. Being rich must leave a gap in their existence. Jagger is all to pieces because Saga is selling his tickets for peanuts…
    May say your few words, whenever I do get them, always give me the impression that at least.. there are people who have their fingers on the pulse.. Ok. she finished her small song… inocuouse…polite.. s a d . Thanks.

  10. This is from 2000. She released a solo album then. Her best single is “Let Your Head Go” (go to youtube and check it out). She’s funny, witty, sarcastic and nothing like her HELLO! or OK! tabloid persona. I didn’t know who David Beckham was until he married her. Soccer isn’t that big in Canada where as the Spice Girls were HUGE. Her voice is more style than substance; but, the bitch has style!

  11. She’s dreadful. Embarrassing. Can’t stand her. Looks like a pig. She should just enjoy the money they’ve got and look after her kids…..and kick that useless husband into touch.

  12. it was shite!

  13. Naff. Rubbish girl. Little miss pointless. Boring. Need I say more?


  15. Why is she singing (debatable) in an American accent when she’s from Ashby-de-la-Zouch or Slough or Runcorn or some other backwater of middle England. Dire.

  16. oh please, this is truely awful. and no she can’t sing, that croaky voice thing feigning sincerity doesn’t really make it, and neither does the boring lyrics that somebody else wrote for her, or the pretentious
    facial expressions she’s attempting in a bid to suggest some ‘feeling’ of emotions beyond that of the money she’ll be earning for the gig, and marketing exposure. Her
    nodding head to the stoic beat
    like a doll on a back car window
    also makes me want to fly into a violent explosive rage.
    I hope she chokes on her juicy tube gloss lipstick.

  17. I lasted 38 seconds listening to this shite! Even that was too long.

  18. That’s just awful to watch.
    Almost as awful as her council estate ‘posh’ accent.
    David might sound like a twelve year old but at least he’s never pretended to be anything he’s not. Plus, he’s super polite, which his wife most certainly is not.
    The best thing about this video is that she doesn’t look as much like a dying cancer victim as now.

  19. i don’t think that the sound is offensive but the problem in my mind is more that this mediocre singer, dancer, performer, ‘personality’ if being truely honest, has made money, continues to influence young girls in fashion and hideously, diet. this is not a role model. she doesn’t pretend to be intelligent but a generation of women are thinking that few clothes, few calories and few books is the way to be successful, and posh is making this appear possible. it’s a fallacy driven by the media. in my mind success is personal development, of which singing three lines and eating 2 carrots does not constitute this.

  20. This is really old!! – at least 5 years old?
    – you can see by her hair style, and the lack of David’s initals tatooed on the inside of her wrist.
    No bad though! – quite sweet really!!

  21. What’s with the fake American accent?

  22. Its embarrasing – I’ve seen better Karaoke performances.

  23. Voice wasnt the problem – the problem with her in spice girls is that she only could handle repeating one or two poses (that turned head, throw hand up squint eyes a bit thing), and she wasn’t flexible, couldnt move, “dance” and then sing at the same time. Honest reviews of their concerts at the time often compared her to a horse if not elephant.

  24. claire booth luce | August 8, 2006 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    She’d be a great chanteuse; nightclub singer..

  25. She was always my fav spice girl….she sounds good! I love her!

  26. Wow, who knew Posh could sing? She has a really lovely voice,and i really like her song for david.

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  28. I always knew she was better than made out to be and I’m still not ashamed to be a 38 year old feller who is a Spice Girls fan. 😉
    Of course Mel C is my fave since I’m a fellow Scouser. I met her here in Los Angeles and she was brill.
    Cheers for the blog.

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