!! OMG, it’s our 2019 Pride Playlist !!

OMG.BLOG 2019 Pride Playlist
Toronto-based artist and writer Max Mohenu writes about creating the OMG.BLOG 2019 Pride Playlist.

For the first time in years, Toronto Pride feels hopeful, vibrant, fresh, and brand new. There’s amazing energy in the city fueling work to bring more inclusive artist lineups to the forefront, giving queer people of color an alternative to the corporate-sponsored nonsense and all-white party spaces.

There’s a sisterhood in the Toronto queer nightlife. It’s the thing that keeps us sane, safe, and constantly pushing creativity and growth in the city. This year is a chosen family affair and it feels so good.

The OMG.BLOG 2019 Pride Playlist is an homage to artists I love in the city, performers coming down for Pride, and beautiful energies that will form throughout the month. A little bit of house, club, some hot ballroom tracks, and a whole lot of love for this years festivities. Happy Pride!

After the jump you’ll find the full playlist, along with some quick words about some of my fav tracks off the playlist. Some of my choices were inspired by people, places, sounds, and feelings I’m bringing into Pride this year.

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Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
I just came back from a festival called FORM in Acrosanti Arizona. Seeing Peggy Gou DJ a killer set in the desert at 2 a.m. was mind-blowing. There were tangerine lights piercing through the dark dancefloor and dancing bodies pumped with energy (and possibly MDMA), going harder than I’ve ever seen. I want to recreate that energy everytime I DJ during Pride. I will be dropping some Peggy Gou tracks during my set at Vazaleen on June 22nd, which will feature a performance by Regina Gently, who I love dearly.

Joey Labeija – Adoption
Joey Labeija is New York nightlife royalty (plus an incredible artist and DJ) and he’s on his way to Toronto for Pride where he will perform his new album at a party hosted by Toronto’s RUDE Collective and NYC queer latinx party Maricon.

R.Flex – In & Out (Driftnote Remix)
R.Flex is truly one of Toronto’s secret weapons. His sound is unparalleled and his songs are always next level. This remix is so good. Aside from being a killer performer, he’s also an amazing host. Word on the street is he’ll be hosting Yohomo’s “Love On Top” day party.

Shyshaker – Walk (feat. Dashaun Wesley)
Toronto’s ballroom community is radiating with talent and we’re about to be graced by a legend on June 20th in the form of Skyshaker. This producer has worked with everyone from Roisin Murphy to GHE20G0TH1K. Their performing at The Phoenix Concert Centre, followed by an afterparty. It honestly doesn’t get anymore iconic than this. It’s an honor to have them here.

The Bitch ft. Miss Jay – Mike Q & DJ Sliink
I’ve heard a lot of great club tracks from Mike Q, but this one is so infectious. I can’t get over how good it is. The repetition, the slight vocal distortion over that bubbly beat. It’s everything. I don’t how to vogue, but if I did I would go off when I heard this track!

— Max Mohenu (@max_mohenu)

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