!! ‘Project Runway 3’ only one month away !!

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Though I’m still a bit sore at Heidi Klum for canning poor Liz Hurley from Project Catwalk, I am still so excited that there will be something other than Canada’s Next Top Model to watch this summer! Season 3 of Project Runway is premiering on Wednesday, July 12 and will culminate during New York’s Spring Fashion Week this September instead of Fall like past seasons. It really is the best reality show on television, hands down, and I’m peeing myself already.
BONUS: Check out Project Runway: Season 2 finalist Daniel Vosovic’s blog on Bravo’s website, where he posts pictures of men in speedos and talks about the importance of finding clothes that look good on your body. With such sound advice to give and with such a dreadful final collection on Project Runway, I would suggest that he give up the design business to pursue a career in personal shopping.

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    I was already excited for the premiere of Project Runway 3 on July 12, and now Bravo has announced the new cast of 15 fashion designers! OMG! (via reality blurred) The Bravo site is still not updated, but I found some press photo thumbnails, from whic…

  2. Emmett is going to be doing a show at Martha Clara Vineyards on July 15th. Anyone going? Curious to see what will be at hand!

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