!! OMG, Puppy has extra tail on his forehead, is the cutest ever !!

Is this puppy magical? His rescuers think so. They named him Narwhal after the arctic whales that have large tusks, but his unique feature looks more like a tail right between his eyes. Narwhal was taken in by Mac’s Mission in Missouri, which rescues dogs with special needs. The pup has been checked out by a vet, who determined that his unique feature isn’t harmful to Narwhal’s health. Narwhal seems blissfully unaware of how popular he is. InsideEdition.com’s Mara Montalbano has more.

The cutest! Check out Narwhal above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Puppy has extra tail on his forehead, is the cutest ever"

  1. Calm down, millenials. He’s a beauty. Just like his namesakes. The name fits. Be proud of what you are. Isn’t that what we try and teach people about those of us who are LGBT?!

  2. But why call him “Narwhal”? I find this as annoying as when I see someone’s license plate that says “MY VETTE.” No duh. I assume the person driving the car is the owner. So glad you cleared that up. Why not give the dog a normal name, something that doesn’t point out the painfully obvious fact that he has a extraneous growth coming out of his forehead? We would NEVER call someone with a cleft palate “Clefty,” would we? Have some respect for the other creatures with which we share the planet.

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