!! OMG, quote of the day: Marcia Cross on beating anal cancer !!

“It’s not particularly glamorous to be the face of anal cancer. I want to tell you that I now love and cherish my anus and you should all love and cherish yours. We should all stop being embarrassed about it because we’re gifted with one beautiful anus it does an amazing job. We’re blessed with doubles of many things – arms, legs, breasts, lungs, and kidneys to name but a few – but we are only gifted one anus.”

Marcia Cross on beating anal cancer.

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4 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Marcia Cross on beating anal cancer"

  1. Bless her for taking on the stigma. Far too many people don’t get checked for it, and by the time they find out they have it, what could have been a simple treatment is a completely disfiguring surgical procedure or unecessary death.

  2. Good for her. It’s bad enough to have cancer but to be ridiculed for having it because it’s not in one of the approved areas like the breast or lung is worse. People still resist getting checked for testicular cancer because there is a stigma attached and because it’s deemed to be a shameful part of the body.

    Once upon a time Betty Ford was told to keep quiet about her breast cancer because it was not considered “proper” to publicize such a diagnosis and that was doubly true for the wife of the president. Fortunately she didn’t keep her mouth shut and raised awareness.

  3. Because people die from it and are too scared to get it checked. Good for her!

  4. God Marcia Cross did you really need to air this to the world? Honestly to anyone who doesn’t feel right then get checked by a doctor.

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