!! R. Kelly: The next chapter (or eight) !!

The Independent Film Channel will be airing chapters 13-22 of R. Kelly‘s hip-hopera Trapped In the Closet! Above watch the amazing musical recap by R. himself! I’m tempted to say that Trapped is the only original thing happening in pop music right now. (via YNBF)

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5 Comments on "R. Kelly: The next chapter (or eight)"

  1. This is so bad. Poor R. Kelly, It’s so literal. The music is not good or new, you can forgive a terrible message, premise, story, whatever you wanna call it if it’s just there to add to musical brilliance. You can also forgive lame, repetitious R&B Soul grooves if the message of the song is heartfelt and the focus. But this is a lame story to lame music and if R.Kelly thinks this is story telling in musical form then I recommend he wiki words like metaphor and poetry. Not my cup of tea, but it’s a big world out there I’m sure someone will enjoy this.. My advise is to avoid it if you A) have a brain and/or B) appreciate musical talent that delivers more than the bare minimum for mainstream pop/R&B…
    Seriously if you like this.. try listening to Adnrew Loydd Webbers Evita or Phantom or that really good song from jeckel and hyde ‘ this is the moment’ that’s story telling in musical form! Sure Webber steals from the classics, but there’s nothing original in R.Kelly’s beat either.

  2. Sorry, but I beg to differ. I remember when I first saw it, I thought it was a MAD TV sketch. But unfortunately, it’s not funny enough to be “so bad it’s good.” Just bad–and irritating as hell (IMO).
    But hey, to each his own. I’ll stick w/IFC for “Minor Accomplishments.”

  3. This is UNBEARABLE.
    Truly a joke.

  4. I think this show is brilliant.

  5. Someone needs to shoot R. Kelly.

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