!! Rachael Ray’s husband likes spit !!

According to a story in the National Enquirer, John Cusimano, husband of tele-horror Rachael Ray, likes women to spit in his face. He likes it so much he’ll pay for it, and does often.
Apparently he has over a period of months, paid a woman up to $500 to spit in his face and rub her bare feet on his face. They’ve never had sex, but I have a feeling this might still constitute cheating in Rachael’s mind, as I’m sure she is used to only her feet being near hubbie’s face, as they sleep head-to-toe. (via IDLYITW)
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6 Comments on "Rachael Ray’s husband likes spit"

  1. Rachael is furious over these revelations. One of the rags at the grocery store claimed she wants her husband to set up one more appointment with this other women at a hotel. However, Rachael and not her husband will show up to greet this other women. Then Rachael will make this other women suck her toes for 30 minutes (Just like her show 30 minute meals). Then this other women will have to apologize to Rach for breaking up her marriage. The tabloid also claimed Rachael wants revenge in the worst way against this other women.

  2. Chinette Ronquillo | January 17, 2007 at 2:49 am | Reply

    I don’t believe in this publicity. I think someone is just jealous of Rachael Ray’s wonderful life and creates stories to destroy her image. Why would a husband of a great cook and a wonderful successful woman do something like that and risk losing his perfect wife? He must be crazy if he does this kind of thing and I believe Rachael’s husband is not crazy.

  3. denise stevens | December 1, 2006 at 3:11 pm | Reply

    Anything that is published in the enquirer is always suspect. That publication wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them. I admire Rachael Ray for her ethics, personality and for all her hard work. I think it is a shame that some reporters(and I use that term loosely) have nothing better to do than to stir up trouble and try to ruin someone’s life. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate it if it were on the other foot. Congratulations to Racael Ray for her marraige and all the luck to her and her family.

  4. Critter
    that was the nicest thing I have seen written about Rachael. I do like her as well. So many people
    waste so much time and energy slamming her. They all need to do something more constructive with their time. And stop being so jealious . She did make it and she is very smart about it. Some of those who slam her I think they all secretly want to live in her shoes…

  5. This kind of thing should not be publicized. It’s bad enough if this is true about Rachael’s hubby doing this stuff, but to have it publicized is just bad taste. Even If eel like a gossip-hungry nut just reading about this. BUT I picked up the Enquirer while on line in the supermarket and there the story was. I am not sure I believe this though. Why wouldn;t it be in the News and other papers. Rachael Ray’s face is everywhere these days and something like this would be a big deal to the media, unfortunately. Either way, true or not, she will get through this. S he is one talented hard-working lady.

  6. Like her or not (and I do), nobody deserves this kind of publicity or humiliation. My heart goes out to her.
    Personally, I believe Walz is telling the truth because I don’t trust men in general. They have this sex jene that just doesn’t work right most of the time. Sick!
    I think Rachael will come out of this just fine. She didn’t get to where she is today by being stupid. Hopefully, unlike Kathie Lee Gifford, she’ll dump his sick butt and move on with her life.
    And, to those of you who don’t like her….why watch her showS? Trust me, she won’t go broke if you turn the channel.

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