!! Red Vines + Linen Napkins= Celebrity !!

maryjblige.jpgEver wonder what it’s like to be a superstar on the road? Well The Smoking Gun gives us a special look into the very specific tour requirements of Mary J. Blige (that’s Mrs. Jefferson to you, Mr. Man Who Works at the Hotel). Perhaps Mary J’s most unusual requirement is that she needs a new toilet seat not only in her Presidential Suite at the hotel, but also in her dressing room. That is two toilet seats per stop on the tour!

And after a hard day of singing, it’s important that she refresh her vocal chords with some delicious bottled water (FIJI ONLY) and an entire sixpack of Dr. Pepper. And don’t even think about giving her any small towels because they will not be accepted! Neither will dirty ice. Only “CLEAN ICE” will do!

I can, however, understand her need for a humidifier. I have to sleep with one too or I get very cranky and start firing people. (via WOW Report)

Bonus: If you think you can get away with putting non-Aveda candles in her dressing room, think again. Mary J. reminds us in this video why you don’t want to mess with her, especially if you’re a foul-mouthed ten-year-old:

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