!! Rush Limbaugh calls Democrats terrorists !!

Prescription drug-addled radio host Rush Limbaugh is shooting his mouth of again in the worst possible way, by accusing the Democrats of being “spokespeople for Al Qaeda.”
From Rush’s radio program on July 31 in reference to the war in Iraq:

They’re [the Democrats] the ones that created this situation. They have aligned themselves with the enemy. They continue to align themselves with the enemy. They won’t admit it, obviously. The enemy kills more soldiers, their spokesmen here in the U.S. are the Democrats. When we kill more of the enemy, the Democrats are silent and they say nothing. But when we have reports of, you know, another IED, or pictures of a car on fire — then the Democrats assume the role of media PR spokespeople for Al Qaeda.

Listen to an audio clip here.
The nice thing about being a radio host is you don’t even have to keep a straight face while you say this stuff.

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6 Comments on "Rush Limbaugh calls Democrats terrorists"

  1. Take him off the air? Nonsense, we allow the insane their equal rights of FREE SPEECH even if it is lies, misinformation, misdirected blame and taking no responsible. No one seems to care that our young children may believe he bland of (*^*, and act upon it. HEY, WHO CARES, LET SPEECH ACID RAIN KEEP ON FALLING.

  2. He has a point here. I don’t completely agree with him but i see what he’s saying.
    I don’t always agree with what he says but his show is entertaining, he really is a funny guy, and I’m not being sarcastic.

  3. I have lost 2 family members to service in the US military and am a Lifelong Democrat. Limbaugh is INSANE and should be yanked off of the airways.

  4. So….just tell me exactly what isn’t true about the comments that he made?
    Aside from the fact that they’re pure bullshit, or in addition to it?
    Silly Republicans, you had a majority in Congress and the White House, and now you’re trying to blame the Democrats for everything that’s gone wrong. The polling numbers show it isn’t working any more. But you go ahead and listen to the fat drug addict if it makes you feel better.

  5. So….just tell me exactly what isn’t true about the comments that he made? Everytime the enemy speaks it sounds like they are being interviewed for Lib-Dem talking points…Go get em RUSH!!!Call a spade a spade and tell it like it IS!

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