!! OMG, new music: Scott Hardware ‘Summer’ !!

The new single “Summer” from avant-pop songsmith Scott Hardware is the first from his upcoming album Ballad of a Tryhard, out March 4, 2022.

The song is an expansive, breathless look at memory in all its wonderful unreliability. The new album, co-produced by fellow songwriter Prince Nifty, is sure to feature complex, masterful arrangements and a sound that pushes us at the edges.

Actual summer just ended a minute ago, but Hardware is already waxing nostalgic. In his words:

“I was born in September, and autumn has always been my favourite season. Fall people love to look back and to dwell in the bittersweetness of memory. This song marks a deep dive into my changing thoughts about nostalgia, seeing it change from cozy romanticism to toxic waste.”

Stream or purchase “Summer” on your favorite platform here.

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