!! Selma Blair’s new haircut !!

OMG Selma Blair is so awesome. She is hilarious in every film role, she just got a fierce new haircut, and all she buys at the grocery store is cut flowers and red wine! See what I mean after the jump.

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6 Comments on "Selma Blair’s new haircut"

  1. the shit looks TIGHT. She’s a gorgeous girl, and has the face to pull it off. people over at the people magazine blog are having a coronary about it…c’mon, selma’s married to a zappa. She’s got to be a little wacky.

  2. It is Rachel McAdams not Selma Blair

  3. Bitch stole my grocery store outfit! I wore that to Gristedes last week!

  4. love her!! even more now with that haircut

  5. Looks like Selma took a trip to Coupe Bizarre for their special ‘everybody gets this cut’ cut… but I do have to say it looks hot on her.

  6. Selma Blair is Rad, as is her grocery list and that wrap/sweater. Unfortch for her the hair is not. That haircut is straight up GLR.

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