!! OMG candy: Best of ‘Sex & Violence’ !!

Adrian Comeau and Chase Duffy in Sex & Violence

Sex & Violence is a Canadian series that debuted on OUTtv in 2013. It ran for three seasons and sadly wrapped up in 2017, but not before delivering more full frontal scenes than any other recent series.

The show features a cast of characters whose professions require them to work face to face with people suffering domestic abuse. We meet a social worker, a victim’s advocate, a police officer, a therapist, and a prosecutor—all professionals who struggle to maintain healthy sex and love lives in the face of their harrowing work encounters.

Callum Dunphy and Ira Henderson in Sex & Violence

Callum Dunphy and Ira Henderson in Sex & Violence

It doesn’t sound like the sexiest premise, but the authentic dynamics between the characters and the connections portrayed take these scenes way beyond your typical made-for-the-gay-audience programming.

So we want to give Sex & Violence the attention it deserves. You can stream it on AppleTV right now, but in this post we’re fast-forwarding to some of our favorite parts (you can guess which parts these are).

Check out all the sexiest moments after the NSFW jump!

There are solo peen-swinging scenes and couple scenes in every configuration, and we’ve done our best to organize them for your enjoyment.

Scroll down for the the MANY full-frontal moments. Enjoy the GIFs and watch the full scenes here. Now, onto the highlights:

Chase Duffy in the locker room…

Glen Matthews and Callum Dunphy…

Callum Dunphy exhibiting…

Eldon Thiele and Callum Dunphy…


Callum Dunphy and another lover…

The oversized daddy peen of the day, Pasha Ebrahimi…

Adrian Comeau and Chase Duffy…

Chase Duffy and Rob Joseph Leonard…

Glen Matthews and Ciaran MacGillivray…


Michael McPhee…

Adam Smith…

Johnny Terris…

And more moments…

View the all full scenes here.

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7 Comments on "OMG candy: Best of ‘Sex & Violence’"

  1. I watched this series and I have to say, it’s a hard watch! A very hard watch! It’s not for everyone! It’s very true to it’s title, there is a lot of sex in the series and a lot of violence as well … in my opinion, almost too much violence. For that reason and for me personally, I did not care for the series .. mainly because I do not like a lot of violence, blood and gore in my entertainment .. and to that end, those things made it very difficult for me to enjoy the sex scenes. However, the actors are excellent and do justice to the series and to their art!

  2. Why is this not on dvd?

  3. Hello-

    does this series contain actual porn? in the 4th pic for the Glen
    Matthews and Ciaran MacGillivary scene it looks like one of the guys is
    inserting his cock in the other guy’s ass.

  4. If i am remembering correcting, the hands of the person giving the BJ on the couch is none other than Olympic Dukakis

  5. Half of this was from a gay serial killer plot. So no thank you, I don’t want to watch gay people getting murdered, there’s too much of that in real life.

  6. This is practically porn… and I’m okay with it. 😉

    • Hello Again-

      your comment has me asking my question again since I haven’t seen
      the series. in the 4th photo with the Glen and Ciaran scene it looks
      like actual porn. so is it?

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