!! OMG, big news: Charli XCX signed to new label !!

Do you have any bananas that are ripening on your counter? Why don’t you go peel one back, before it goes bad?? Or throw it in your bag, so you have a snack with you for later?

Just like Charli XCX, who keeps one in her fabulous Mugler bag, the contents of which she shared with British Vogue:

“I literally carry this everywhere with me until it’s rotting. I’m always like, I’m gonna take a banana from home, and I’m gonna put it in my bag because I might get hungry and I might wanna eat it… but I never eat the banana…”

So let this be a reminder to consume your bananas!

But it doesn’t end there: Charli also casually announced that she’s just signed to a new recording label for a two album deal! We can’t wait to see what she’s cooking up!!!

Check out the full video, after the jump.



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