!! OMG, quote of the day: Simu Liu say he was rejected from ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for not having the “It” factor !!

“Through some sort of broken telephone, whether it had gone through a studio exec or a casting director before it got to our side, we got, ‘Well Simu doesn’t have the X-factor. The It factor. And that was just such a crushing blow for me.”

Simu continued: “It felt like someone was telling me that I just wasn’t good enough, that I just wasn’t likable. I didn’t have that thing that made people want to watch it. It was at a time that was very difficult for me, I was trying to figure out whether I could be the lead character or whether I could only be a supporting character for my entire career.”

The experience led reflection on his approach to auditions, with Simu saying, “It forced me to take a step back and realize that maybe I wanted it too badly. Like maybe I was too desperate and that desperation was showing in my work. There had to be an element of confidence in what I was doing and self-assuredness. I had to trust I was talented and I was watchable and I was good.”

– On the podcast “How To Fail With Elizabeth Day”, Marvel superhero Simu Liu (33) revealed that he auditioned four times for Jon M. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asians” and ultimately lost out on the role.

Their loss, I guess! Just further proof you must always believe in YOURSELF. You guys, in a world where every reality thot is worth billions, Jeffree Star has a house bigger than the Sultan of Brunai and Bella from Twilight is nominated for Oscars… what exactly IS the ‘IT factor’??

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