!! Some more ‘Dieux du Stade 2007’ !!

These Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar pictures just keep leaking, so of course I have to keep posting them for you all, and it seems that these beefy guys are covering up less and less. See quite a bit of hot French rugby player penis after the jump [very NSFW].

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6 Comments on "Some more ‘Dieux du Stade 2007’"

  1. Yeah, ditto. French rugby players are my new type!

  2. wow! Why must there be men who are that good looking in this world?

  3. OMG, he’s naked: Rugger Juan Martin Berberian

    You might all be sick of all the nude footage from yet-to-be-released “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar, but I wanted to send you into the weekend with one more gorgeous European rugby hunk to dream about. Juan Martin Berberian does…

  4. OMG, he’s naked: Scottish rugby guy

    The “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar doesn’t come out until December 19, but I’ve dug up some photos that confirm what I suspected all along: The DVD is just like the calendar except with a lot more hefty French penis. Take a look …

  5. Why, oh why didn’t they put THESE pictures on the calendar?

  6. Okay, I am now an official Rugby Fan. I don’t know how it’s played. I don’t know how points are scored. But I know I like it!!

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