!! Stacey Q is playing concerts again !!

Stacey Q concert 2006
There was not one reason I would ever want to go to Los Angeles until I read about Stacey Q’s short concert there last night at some dive bar. Sham Ibrahim (aka the luckiest bastard in the world, seen in the above photo with Stacey) saw her perform “Two of Hearts,” “Shy Girl,” and two new songs and then got to hang out with her afterwards!
Stacey Q is among my very favorite pop music artists of all time, even if her last album was all weird hippie music. Now that 80s revival is all the rage, maybe she will make a new record or something. Anyone who knows what her old producer Jon St. James is doing these days, please email me.
ALSO: Did you know there is a Stacey Q Yahoo! Group? If you love the Q, consider joining and getting the not-very-frequent emails.

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5 Comments on "Stacey Q is playing concerts again"

  1. I know, me too. Maybe she will be inspired by Madonna’s “world tour.”

  2. Holy fuck.
    I would die if she came to Toronto.

  3. Waiting to hear about more shows!!!!

  4. i am so embarrased for you.

  5. She actually looks pretty good. I still have her cassette single.

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