!! ‘Survivor’ is not colorblind !!

In past seasons of Survivor, the original tribes have been divided in all sorts of kooky ways to keep things interesting: by age, by sex… Okay, I think that’s it actually, but now rumor has it that the tribes on the upcoming season will be divided by race: whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. I guess there will be no Arabs, Indians, or other races.
I will be absolutely shocked if this turns out to be true, but it is a sure way to guarantee that people will at least watch the first few episodes of the show. I was a huge Survivor fan until this past season, which bored me to tears. Maybe race-baiting is the answer to make it compelling again. I miss the Fantasy League.

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2 Comments on "‘Survivor’ is not colorblind"

  1. it certainly looks true based on the number of asians in the cast. (five; one quarter of the cast.) previous to this season, the total number of Asians EVER cast on survivor was four.

  2. The rumor turned out to be absolutely true. This is supposedly Survivor’s answer to complaints about the lack of ethnic diversity on the show. Of course, I doubt many of the critics would have wanted tribes designed on a racial basis.

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