!! Susan Powter returns to mess with our heads !!

Susan Powter
Energetic fitness queen Susan Powter has returned to the Internet, this time sporting long purple hair in place of her blonde crew-cut and fully embracing insanity instead of “stopping” it. The thickness of her foundation has remained the same. (via WOW Report)
In the bio section of her website, she offers up a few too many stream-of-consciousness “pearls” for our enjoyment, including “I am the only person you’ll ever meet who is (fill in your own blank on this one) whatever enough to connect weight loss with world peace.”
And “Here’s the astounding truth. Astounding, quintessential, in its simplicity!”
Concluding with a zinger: “And, take it directly from me When Women gather There is always magic…”
I have no doubt that Ms. Powter thinks she has witnessed magic on occasion. Hopefully it was induced by something natural, like mushrooms.

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