!! OMG, why not wear it? Tazmin Porter’s balloon dress !!

Tazmin Porter collection

Why watch a Pride float when you can *be* a Pride float, ya know? That’s what I’m thinking as I gaze upon this cheeky, inflated look by Tazmin Porter.

The dirigible-esque design was showcased during Porter’s runway segment in the recent Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Show. It made quite an impact not only for its personal bubble-promoting silhouette but also the slogan splashed across its front: JOKES ON ME.

Here, Porter joins the tradition of other London-based creatives like Katharine Hamnett and Christopher Kane, who have both notoriously harnessed the power of the written word in a wearable context.

See more of her clever creations after the jump!

And speaking of slogans, thee Bimini enthused “I love this so much” in a post of another lewk from Porter’s collection that featured a pair of socks reading BUSINESS OR PLEASURE. I say, why not both?!

The socks were styled with an ensemble composed of repurposed striped scarves, and donated spoons fabricated into a skirt. This is fashion one can really dig into, IMO.

Porter, whose balloon dress was crafted using balloons from her “grandparents fancy dress high street store” [sic], according to the designer’s Instagram, is proving to be quite a maestro of materiality—not just in terms of upcycling, but in other areas as well.

Take a jacket—paired with an outrageously outsized brooch emblazoned with the words YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT—from the collection. Porter shared on social media that the piece comprised of wool that was “hand sheared, processed, carded, felted and printed by me.”

Beyond impressive!


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Elsewhere, a parachute doubled as a dress embellishment; yet there were also pieces that could easily make it on the dance floor without you taking flight, such as this minidress.

Here, Porter confirmed a savvy in creating pieces destined for someone’s closet in addition to those dreamed up for the catwalk. Keep your eyes on this name, y’all!

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