!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: The Hidden Cameras share new single ‘Redemption’ !!

German bodybuilder and artist Käpt’n Rummelsnuff stars front-and-center in the Hidden Cameras‘ latest video. The new one-off single of the summer 2021 “Redemption”; something we all might need right about now. It is in anticipation of The Hidden Cameras’ two-solo-set gig at the Kampnagel festival in Hamburg on August 6.

Feist will also preview her brand new album on the same evening and the Cameras’ Joel Gibb will sing with Rufus and Martha later in the week. Check them out if you happen to be in Hamburg and listen to Redemption above!

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  1. Interesting song and video. If the Hidden Cameras are new to anybody, they’ve been gay & out & Canadian for — can it be more than 20 years? — and their first few records are classic.

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