!! The moment Janet Jackson got ‘sexy’ !!

In her last (of a record-breaking seven!) top five single from her “Rhythm Nation” album, Janet Jackson decided go from “power woman” to “sexy woman” with the aid of some high-waisted jeans, Antonio Sabato Jr., and recent Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou. It is a historical moment not to be missed. Watch the video for Janet’s 1990 single “Love Will Never Do” above. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)
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5 Comments on "The moment Janet Jackson got ‘sexy’"

  1. so true about Perez, but I saw those 2 posts on http://www.nicerezhilton.com I guess complete plagiarism runs rampant with those Hiltons!

  2. This awesome video with the gorgeous lighting and sensuality permeating every frame was directed and shot by none other than the late great Herb Ritts.

  3. It wouldnt surprise me if Perez Hilton did steal this blog, I have a couple of blogs I visit each day for boredom and notice that 30 mins to an hour after one of those blogs post something interesting – perez has it on his page with no reference to other blogs. He’s a fuck.
    About Janet Jackson, I was never crazy about her. I think she got a couple good hits in her time, mostly the 80s and 90s, but she was never the BIG star people made her out to be. Her voice is so weak that during most of her songs I can only recognize a couple words spoken in the mumbling (That Nutty Professor soundtrack song being a huge example). Sucks that her albums always bomb now, but it’s expected since she doesn’t have that huge fan base – they’ve all grown up from the 80s.

  4. Hey…couple of things…
    First, this is prob my favourite Janet video! She was totally sexy and at the time, there was no one finer than ASJr.
    Two: are you nicerezhilton? if not, he’s ripped this post and your tetris post.
    just an fyi

  5. I always told Willona, Florida, JJ, and Thelma that that Penny would some day be a superstar! I just wish she had put Bookman in the video rather than that Sabato guy.

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