!! OMG, Todrick Hall posted a handwritten letter with the sads about people hating on his new gay reality show !!

Todrick Hall has addressed The Real Friends of WeHo backlash in a letter to the LGBTQ+ community!

“When our LGBTQ+ show was announced, you’d think any pushback would’ve come from the church or conservatives upset with 3 hours of queer programming on a mega network,” he wrote.

“But a closer look would show you that the call was coming from inside the house. We fight for acceptance, yet we don’t accept our own.”

He may be missing the point with this one though. Most people just don’t want these tacky-ass friends to be what represents us! Understandable, diva. Slay, Boots. Memaw. Check out his handwritten scripture (in different a font on every page) after the jump! Do you forgive and forget, OMG!?

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22 Comments on "OMG, Todrick Hall posted a handwritten letter with the sads about people hating on his new gay reality show"

  1. P.S. It’s really astonishing to realize that NO comments are for the show. Usually on this site, there are pro/con. I’ve never seen it where everyone is unimpressed. That speaks!

  2. Do some of these people have talent? Sure. Are some even likeable, sure. But just because you are gay does not give you the authority to speak for all LGBTQ+ people. and if we were electing someone, it would not be Todrick. I find it rich that he is complaining about people being hateful about his show, when he (supposedly, can’t be 100%) would not work with someone that is a “fan site” performer. Apparently he can’t be seen as supporting adult performers. Makes it totally look like pandering to the straights for cash.

  3. They want you to hate-watch this.
    Don’t fall for it.

  4. You can all feel however you want about Todrick (I don’t like him) but why are gay men fine with the Real Housewives representing women in a misogynistic way but not fine with gay men being represented in this show? Sounds like self-loathing and hypocrisy to me. The book “How to be Gay” goes into this subject with depth — how gay men see themselves in depictions of women but pick holes constantly in any representation of other gay men. We need to grow out of this. Let their be messy representation sometimes. Stop projecting.

    • Orosco Anthony | January 24, 2023 at 8:10 pm | Reply

      You need to stop stereotyping our own community. Why is it when gay people comment, they assume they are speaking for the whole gay community? I loath the “Real Housewives” franchise and the Bravo network for the trivial content they broadcast.

      • Oh man…do you remember when Bravo ran things like broadway shows? Or opera? Or like…ACTUAL THINGS TO SAY ‘BRAVO’ TO?

        Now, it’s all scripted ‘reality’ garbage featuring loathe some rich people being terrible to one another for more money…

    • Because there are no gay men being represented in this show. It’s entirely scripted, none of them are actually friends, and there isn’t a shred of anything genuine about any of them.

  5. The call might be coming from inside YOUR house. But not my house. We don’t live in the same house. How dare you assume we live in the same house, and that you speak for me and my house?
    Open your eyes and mind – you represent yourself, but not anyone else.

    • Todrick represents his money, and nothing else. He can pretend to care for and support the community all he wants. He’s chasing coins.

  6. Sorry Todrick – A scripted gay reality show is just not in the cards right now. Never watched the (supposedly) straight ones; never had any interest in them. Watched 10 minutes of S1E1 of “Survivor” and turned it off. I gave up on that stuff entirely after the first season of “Queer Eye” back in the day. It’s just a one note wonder that gets real old, real fast. Just too vapid.

    Come back when you have something less… better… to watch.

    You know… you are extraordinary talented. As is NPH, Billy Porter, etc. NPH tried for a variety show several years back on broadcast TV but it could not find an audience. How about you folks get together and create a variety show for a subscription service? Hulu, Netflix, etc.? There is a better audience there!

    Don’t waste time with scripted “reality” shows. Entertain!!!!!

  7. Everything is so woke now. No one wants that! Maverick made bank for being trad as that appeals to a spiritually lacking society. Meanwhile Bros tanked bc marriage is just a piece of paper in that film, but casual sex while married is just being progressive.

  8. I want to like Todrick Hall and Caitlyn Jenner, but I just… can’t.

  9. Anthony Orosco | January 23, 2023 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    Will someone please tell her no one likes her. She needs to pay her rent, her dancers, and Manila Luzon!

  10. We don’t have to accept the bullshit they’re trying to force down our throats. That show is vain, empty and vapid, and shows the lgbt+ community in a terrible light!

  11. He’s an awful human being and the show looks stupid and fake AF. It’s all scripted and they’re not friends just like the housewives…ALL FAKE!!!

  12. I mean…I’m just not interested in a reality program about a gaggle of ‘A Gays’. I’m not interested in ‘reality’ programming at all, since literally no one is honest or real on those things anymore. Everyone knows the game, how to score airtime by creating drama that would get you booted from LITERALLY any friend group that WASN’T a friend group just for ratings…

  13. Not only do I not want to be represented by whatever bunch he’s pushing, but I’d rather not be represented by the “evil gays” of “White Lotus” or the unsavory vampires on the rebooted “Interview With…” or anybody gay in a Ryan Murphy production. We are often our own worst enemies.

  14. Hiding behind being gay just to be an awful person, like that is your get out of jail free card, is not the one, Todrick. We do support our community, but Todrick does not (or he’d pay the people that work for him and wouldn’t rent a house to do a YouTube video acting like he owned it). The guy is a SHAM.

  15. As usual Todrick is tone deaf to the real issue – his behavior and personality – Has nothing to do with him being a gay man… more so him being an absolute POS that treats others like crap.

  16. The show ticks off every gay stereotype in a pompous unflattering way.

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