!! OMG, gossip: Trump wants to reopen the economy no matter how many people die !!

Trump says he wants business to reopen on Easter Sunday. Just 19 days from now. (Which will give millions of people who follows him about… 3 months to live!) [celebitchy]

Andy Cohen leaves little to the imagination as he recovers from Coronavirus at home in his robe [instinct]

The Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival has been postponed [now]

Brit Brit published a meme calling for redistribution of wealth [dlisted]

Ezra Miller shows his bush and ass in GQ [gay fleshbot NSFW]

RIP: Playwright Terrence McNally dies of complications from Coronavirus at 81 [towleroad]

YAWN: The Taylor Swift / Kanye West feud saga continues [socialite life]

People are saying what we’ve known for years: Ellen might be a bit evil [lainey]

The best COVID-19 advice from a nurse who also happens to be hilarious [boy culture]

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4 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Trump wants to reopen the economy no matter how many people die"

  1. that’s interesting

  2. We should get someone to yank his chain. Mr.T., “We have it under control and we made great progress and my exilir cured many, many people in no time flat…” A journalist resembling Coach Sue Sylvester of Glee, “That’s sound like a lie. Try another one.”. Mr.T., “You’re nasty.” Sue, “Ah! Come on. That speil even a 12 year old won’t bite. Come again with something else ’cause that ain’t flying.”

  3. He is that thing we’ve heard of. The Devil. Right??

  4. Ming Ming Ling | March 24, 2020 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Not a fan of the orange clown but come on, i could be wrong here but I didn’t hear him say no ‘matter how many people die’ or did I?

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