!! Two ‘Elle’ covers, one Madonna !!

Compare and contrast the two versions of Madonna on the May covers of American Elle (above) and Elle UK (below).
Look at that thick rope and sexy little jumpsuit. The Brits are always so darned edgy. (Image Source)

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4 Comments on "Two ‘Elle’ covers, one Madonna"

  1. I prefer the second cover. She still kinda looks like a Musketeer though. I think it’s that hat.

  2. Gosh, the British version has some major comma splicage!

  3. Will she ever just go away? So done with her and all her foolishness.

  4. those brits are edgy cause they are crazy and unafraid of being unique…americas conservatism stifles its own most of time which is a shame. having said that, american designers remain classic and “simple” which can also be best.

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