!! OMG, sniff sniff: UFO Parfums !!

UFO ParfumsOMG! Do you miss raving, making out, and uninhibited (consensual) touching? We certainly do.

Smart people say that scent is strongly associated with memory, and that’s what we’re digging most about UFO Parfums, an independent perfumery based in Los Angeles that specializes in eccentric, gender-neutral smells “inspired by rave culture, using luxury materials.”

They currently offer four scents, and we had the pleasure of trying them out. Read our full review after the jump!

ANAL captures the essence of poppers, leather and latex in a surprisingly pleasant way. ANAL is woody but also somewhat chemical and alluring. It includes notes of Frangipani (wild-harvested), sustainably harvested Vietnamese agarwood, blood cedarwood, wormwood, white musk, vetiver, choya nakh, black cumin, bergamot, and rose petals. 

COME TEES is a collab scent with the LA fashion label of the same name. This one paints a brighter picture, more care-free and sunny. Although it’s fresh, it’s cut with a synthetic and woody element. COME TEES includes notes of poplar buds, Moroccan blue tansy, tangerine, juniper berry, ambergris, and Texas cedarwood.

LITERAL VOLCANO is the spiciest scent of the four, approximating cigarette smoke and sweet cinnamon gum. LITERAL VOLCANO is true to its name, as it smells really HOT and goes DEEP. It contains notes of Choya nakh and other sustainable incenses, clove bud, birch tar, cade, and guaiacwood.

HENTAI is aromatic and floral with a musky undertone, perfect for enhancing  and accentuating your own natural body scent. It contains notes of nut, fantasies, velvet, loneliness, yearning, and musk.

All four fragrances are sexy, fun and unexpected with distinct profiles. If you’re trying to decide which one you want to try, just imagine the smell of the party you wish you could go to right now and breathe deep.

Follow UFO on Instagram (@ufoparfums) for news and upcoming products. Shop the full collection here.

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