!! Vincent Libretti’s many talents !!

Before he cashed out his 401K and quit his job to pursue his dream of being a fashion designer, Project Runway contestant Vincent Libretti starred in a short film about public cell phone conversations called Are You In?. Directed by Mark Steven Shepherd, it made its debut at the 2002 San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and features Libretti walking down the street talking about “nanotechnology” into a headset.
The main point of interest, however is at the end, when you see his naked butt. Yes, that’s right. Vincent Libretti has gotten naked for the camera, and you can see it right here [NSFW]. (via Towleroad)

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4 Comments on "Vincent Libretti’s many talents"

  1. “Are you in?” with a picture of his ass is just wrong.
    On every level.

  2. Justify My Love (Vincent Libretti Mix)

    Anyone who saw last week’s Project Runway would agree with Fourfour’s assertion that Allison deserved to stay over Vincent and his “artsy” garbage dress. However, Vincent’s value to the producers of the show are highlighted in Fourfour’s special mix,…

  3. Insult Comic Dog | August 20, 2006 at 1:24 pm | Reply

    Go Vince!

  4. eeeewwwww!

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