!! Becks and Posh to sell their odors !!

I think I saw the first one of David Beckham‘s ridiculous cologne commercials at the movie theater a few months ago. It involves him coyly lifting up his shirt to show his treasure trail against a stormy landscape with lightning bolts flashing. Let me know tell you, it was very alluring.
Now wifey Victoria is getting in on the action and she will be releasing a new scent along with a new one from Becks, for him and for her, called “Intimately.” I don’t know why it just makes me think of their used bedsheets, but it does. The skanky photo above is from the forthcoming ad campaign. I hope there are more commercials.

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3 Comments on "Becks and Posh to sell their odors"

  1. is he really wearing nail polish how sad but hey id go buy it hes david beckham he can do what he wants

  2. I could be wrong, but I’m sure that pic appeared in the sport supplement of Italian Vogue a few years ago, so I doubt it’s for their ad. (Note Beckham’s old hair style). They were supposed to be kinky pics but somehow they ended up looking incredibly unsexy!

  3. This photo is not from the forthcoming ad campaign..it’s from 2003 for Vogue Magazine..

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