!! OMG, gossip: Not to be left behind, Kanye West makes a sex tape !!

“I’d trade lives with Jesus for a day” — Kim Kardashian [amy grindhouse]
…And speaking of Kim K, now’s there’s a Kanye West sex tape [allie]
Wait, what? Michael Jackson recorded an abortion jungle [jezebel]
Johnny Weir is all kinds of fabulous on the cover of Next magazine [kenneth]
OMG, required reading: Five things all ’90s kids should remember [double viking]
Because that’s gonna help their reputation: The Backstreet Boys are hawking Old Navy jeans [evil beet]
Someone needs to tell Martha Stewart no… [dlisted]
Today’s hottest hottie: Dillon Casey [oh la la]
Oh come on, is anyone surprised that Fiona Apple was arrested for drug possession? Didn’t think so [popbytes]
NBD: Miley Cyrus dropped $200,000 on a new car [socialite life]
How do you define bisexual? [after elton]
OMG, that had to hurt: The top six Emmy snubs this year [celebrity cafe]
This is how you should feel about Nelly Furtado‘s “The Spirit Indestructible” [arjan]
Good question: Did Courtney Stodden get a nose job, or did she just tone down the drag makeup? [celebitchy]
Thank God for nude rugby [joe]
Literally everyone has dropped Amanda Bynes — her agent, her manager, her publicist… her parents? [tabloid prodigy]
Cats. Why? Because we love them [berry]
You get one guess how Homer Simpson will vote in 2012 [towleroad]

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