!! OMG, WATCH: Tucker Carlson get OWNED in front of his own daughter !!

LOLz! Fox News host and right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson got a lot more than bait & tackle when he entered a fishing shop in Montana this weekend. A viewer in the store ripped into Carlson over his politicking and politicization of COVID-19, with the incident caught on camera.

The video in question landed on Instagram July 22. In it, a Montana fisherman named Dan Bailey approached and confronted Carlson over his spread of toxic misinformation. Carlson pulls Bailey aside and speaks to him in a hushed voice, intimating that he wants their confrontation to remain discreet. Bailey doesn’t seem to care.

Watch it all go down after the jump!


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31 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Tucker Carlson get OWNED in front of his own daughter"

  1. Trump didn’t get “The Vax”. Neither did the other DC elitists that tell us they are vaccinated.

  2. You call that getting ‘owned’? Anytime a pantywaist like Dan thinks he can prove what a man he is by pretending he has an original thought it’s hilarious. The lunatic left really knows how to challenge don’t they? Calling a nearly illiterate buffoon a genius simply because he disagrees with someone — ah how we love those open-minds of the left. Minds so open any brain has fallen out.

  3. I can’t believe there are people on this site actually defending TC (or is it really just one person posting under different names?). He’s probably the slimiest personality on Fox, and has taken several anti-gay stances with his “commentaries,” if you can actually call them that. I wish someone had attached subtitles to this video, I can’t hear everything the guy is saying, but I can certainly agree with, “You are… the worst human being…”

  4. No one dislikes trump and all his toadies more than me, but I didn’t see Tucker get owned. I saw someone get in his personal space and call him a terrible human. Wasted opportunity.

  5. Oh, mine, so many Tucker fans here (do they call themselves the “Tucker Boys” or “Tucked Boys?”). Of course they couldn’t deny the roles Fox “News” and its entertainers had played in spreading vaccine myths and lies (and killing their own viewers at the same time). So the best they could come up with is the equivalent of “But her emails!” (which Ivanka had also done) whenever something bad came up about their Orange King. Tucker and his kind need to understand that their actions have consequences. I personally prefer Dominion Voting Systems’ sytle of suing Fox for $1.6 Billion more than a confrontation at a store. But that’s just me.

  6. Not Having It | July 27, 2021 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    I am curious: when y’all attend the fascist get togethers in DuckFart, ‘Murica where you bemoan the “extreme left” and the decline of traditional America whilst worshipping the feet of Idiot Fascist, Donald Trump…as a post-Nazi meeting celebration…is THAT when y’all have the gay sex? If so, please reconcile the link between “devout conservative” and “radical butt fucker” for me. And, if you’re merely ‘bots trolling and owning “the left,” go back to whatever inbred trailer hell you crawled out of.

    • So anyone who disagrees with you is a hillbilly fascist? Very witty and intelligent. I think you should get an award for being a meathead – dead from the neck up.

      • Lmao the guy who called someone a fascist at the bottom of this page is mad that someone’s calling him a fascist.

      • Not Having It | July 28, 2021 at 10:26 am | Reply

        The definition of a fascist is: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. That y’all Trumpers fell for it and support it is shameful–especially considering that our grandparents fought specifically against fascism in WWII.

        And again, if you’re into dick and you’re a dude, you’re not a conservative. You are a radical butt fucker, a radical fudge packer. It is impossible for you to desire people of the same sex and be “conservative.”

        So–back to my original point, meathead: if you’re merely a disgruntled fascist trying to rile up a website, go the fuck away. And if you’re into cock, by all means–explain the reconciliation between right-winged fascism and radical butt fucking. Betcha can’t.

        Here’s the thing, I suspect you’re juuuuuust that much into cock that you’re turned on by all of this site’s offerings, but the whole God and country nonsense keeps you from taking one. Go forth. Fuck a dude. Experience the radical awesomeness of that transgressive act. And join the rest of the sane people in the modern world, mKay?

  7. What I see is someone who is very rude, thinks he is a tough guy call Tucker Carlson names in front of his children. And Tucker Carlson very politely and calmly diffuses the situation by not responding in kind or escalating the situation which the guy was clearly seeking considering he had someone filming for him. I would hardly say Tucker Carlson got owned.

    But if the guy was concerned about vaccine misinformation he should ask Biden, Harris and many elected Democrats why they were opposed to the vaccines during the election cycles when President Trump was touting them and saying they would be publicly available soon. Remember all of the times Biden and Harris said they did not trust the vaccines because of Trump? And who politicizes the vaccines and pandemic?

    • They said, “We trust scientists and would take vaccines if they gave the go ahead.” I feel like one deranged guy is posting on this site under a bunch of names, or else you’re all robots programmed to repeat the same one ignorant point.

      • I call B.S. They were actively scaring the American people that the vaccines were a hoax and that Trump was going to kill everyone in order to keep the pandemic fear going to “win” the election. Joe Biden said that there were no miracles coming with respect to the vaccines. Now the people who doubted the vaccines and scared people over them are the ones literally forcing them on people with threat of losing freedoms like going to the grocery store or being able to work. And they are literally abusing children who are not a vector of COVID spread by making 2 year olds wear masks in public and in schools.

        i am pro-vaccinations and did not get COVID so I am fully vaccinated. But millions of people have had COVID and have the natural antibodies (T-cell antibodies no less) and certainly do not need a jab which can cause heart enlargement and other health problems. The jab is not appropriate for every individual.

        Finally, all I can wonder is what all of you people would say if the government approved a vaccine for HIV and required all LGBTQ+ individuals to take it in order to go to clubs or download hookup apps, etc. Somehow i think you would be a little skeptical and a little pissed.

        • “I call BS.” Statistically and medically speaking, the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. Heart inflammation isn’t nearly as common an issue as death from COVID.

          We do not live in vacuums. The pandemic should have taught us this by now. Variants are on the rise, and cases in many places are reaching all-time highs… after vaccines have been made available. This is because the negligent and willfully ignorant are not only not getting vaccinated, but shirking the common sense safety protocols like masking and social distancing that were commonplace before vaccines were available and blending in with the vaccinated. They are putting themselves at risk and they are putting people who can’t get vaccinated, like children under twelve, at risk of a potentially fatal illness. You know who gets to deal with them when they get sick? Hospitals which could be using their resources for normal problems. Many hospitals are full up and having to turn people away. Furthermore, the longer time it takes us to reach herd immunity, the more the virus has a chance to mutate into something that the vaccinated will no longer be protected against.

          So screw your “everyone’s entitled” to their BS pseudoscience and utter disregard for others. They are putting lives at risk, if their willful ignorance hasn’t harmed them already.

          You don’t get HIV by breathing in other people’s vicinity, Clem, so spare me your homophobic “you people” and your obvious false equivalences. We’ve also known that HIV isn’t a LGBTQ+-specific disease for, like, ages now.

    • Chris, I think that you are still suffering from Drumpf lies. Both Harris AND Biden stayed that they would be the first in line to take any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Yet, Drumpf, who was still in office as our Commander Of Incompetence, refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine, on air or in a public setting. It was first rolled out during Drumpfs term, but he was too chicken shit to own the fact that COVID-19 KILLS people, instead of sticking with his lies. Instead, Drumpf waited until HE left the office of presidency to receive the vaccine. Drumpf downplayed COVID-19 to save his re-election. What happened? Over 600,000 people DIED, that’s what happened. And in Drumpfs famous response to these deaths under his watch, “it is what it is”!

      • Drumpf? How clever. Don’t forget that it was “Drumpf” that marshaled all of the resources of the Federal Government and literally changed rules to allow these vaccinations to be created, produced and come to market in record time. Trump brilliantly worked with the best scientists and the best companies to make sure these vaccines would work and come online in record time. Biden said they would not work and now they are going back to more crippling lockdowns and mandates. Joe is the grim reaper who is tanking the economy with record inflation and a very weak recovery.

        • The Drumpf name was changed to Trump to “Americanize” it. Millions of immigrants changed their names to “fit in”.
          You are referring to the miracle clues Trump promoted? Sunlight? Injecting Drano? UV l ight? The warm breezes of spring? Right? The Trump who didn’t like to share the screen with those brilliant scientists who showed the world that he’s an idiot?

          Go away you’re in the deep end.

  8. Of course you don’t post my post. Only when it fits your narrative.

  9. Itsbritneybitch | July 27, 2021 at 1:36 am | Reply

    Very rude!!

    Do you also post that Biden’s been in decline? His cnn speech and jokes from that one?

    No its because your extreme left. Sad!

  10. Just like you are politicizing a website that people try to come to for entertainment. You are ruining this site.

  11. What a crock of shit. During the election, Joe and Kamala both said they would not take the Trump vaccines as did many elected Democrats. Democrats have politicized COVID from day 1 including the shut downs, the school closures, masks on kids that have zero risk from COVID, etc.

    And you have the gall to celebrate someone being attacked in front of their kids. How rude. What’s so funny is that Carlson was running around like a normal guy – no security (he could have been carrying). Democrats never get attacked in public because they never travel without police and security keeping the people away from them.

    • Tucker openly encourages people to confront others in public.

      Also, Biden literally said he’d take a vaccine “tomorrow” after hearing what scientists said, but he wanted a transparent approval process. Harris said similar. They both expressed distrust in Trump, whose politicization of COVID got us here. The man cannot handle anything that he thinks reflects poorly on his ego, so he played down an international pandemic. Now here we are, with people still getting sick because they believe the virus is a hoax and Trump undermined their faith in both government and scientists.

  12. This is funny to you? Gets “owned” in front of his daughter? The man is no man.

  13. Owned? That guy was an idiot and got called a son like he is. All you bitches is my sons like nicki said.

  14. Critical Thinker | July 26, 2021 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    Tucker dismisses a random nut jo who confronted him at the store.

    The Left: HAHA, we OWNED Tucker, WHAT A COWARD!

    Did they expect Tucker to hand construct a debate stage or something? The left has a habit for DECLARING Victory with meaningless situations.

  15. Would love to see some antics from left-wing/ Marxist idiots, like those in the White House and Congress.

  16. Your definition of owned must mean something different.

  17. Well deserved! Would have loved it if the guy took one for the team and decked the POS!

    • Typical fascist. If you disagree with me, I get to beat you up. Except that I’m sure you’re a limousine liberal who takes cops away from regular people and has private security with you where ever you go. Seems like you’re the POS.

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