!! X-Men 3 Trailer !!

Despite the third (and final?) installment of the X-Men movie series being directed by Brett Ratner (director of Rush Hour 1 & 2), the trailer looks promising. Is this setting us up for a gross disappointment? After Bryan Singer‘s excellent X-2, I’m worried that Ratner’s heavy-handed approach will let us all down, but maybe he at least watched the first two films enough times not to deviate completely. We’ll have to wait and see.
Watch the preview of X-Men: The Last Stand in wide screen format on Apple.com or click the screen below:

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  1. Brett Ratner has a lot of girlfriends

    Brett Ratner, the fat director of Rush Hour 1&2 and the upcoming X-Men 3, threw a party at his house the other night for a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models and ignored 19-year-old girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Aside from his…

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