!! Xtina shows us her boobs again !!

Ever a classy lady, Christina Aguilera left the hotel in Paris wearing this tres-sophis high-waisted skirt paired with a see-through tanktop and no bra. It looks like her stylist went shopping at Wet Seal and didn’t have enough money left over for the sparkly purple boa to cover up those big boobies.
One more photo after the jump.

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2 Comments on "Xtina shows us her boobs again"

  1. Jessica Simpson eats dinner braless

    I have documented Jessica Simpson’s forgetfulness before, but part of me thinks that she didn’t wear a bra to the Ivy on purpose. At least her see-through dress looks more expensive than that trashy tanktop Christina Aguilera used the other day to put…

  2. Jeez, honey. Give her a break. She was in France for chrissakes! The French practically INVENTED the nipple slip…and how many runway shows in Paris have you actually seen lately? They don’t bother with such absurdities as daisy-shaped bandaids for your naughty parts. When in Ro..er, um…Paris, do as the Parisiennes! You have to admit, they’re kinda hypnotic, no? I’m more intrigued by that whacko tattoo/leftover bandaid stripe/barcode/clubstamp thing she’s got going on with her forearm. Eeeuuwww.

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