!! OMG, his butt: American stand-up comedian and actor Dane Cooke !!


He may be known for his straight guy humour, but these pics Dane keeps posting scream GRINDR! Ashley Parker Angel better watch herself! Dane is coming for her Insta-hoe crown! Check him out after the NSFW jump!









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14 Comments on "OMG, his butt: American stand-up comedian and actor Dane Cooke"

  1. I’d do him on the down low

  2. He’s a douche. Pour water on him and it sluices off as vinegar.

  3. Dane Cook? FUCK yeah!! This is what a real man looks like! Hairy chest, solid muscles, perfect ass, and he fills out his Calvins nicely too. And he’s a riot to boot. More Dane, more!

  4. Most of these look fake. Blurred around the face.


  6. Kinda hot in a “I would sleep with him if he never says a word and no one ever finds out” sort of way. Not bad looking with a nice body, shame about the doucheiness.

  7. Beginning to feel sorry for the guy. Aging frat boy humor is so Tucker Max. Cook’s always been a bit of a butterface to me, and the B&W ass shot appears severely filtered, as if lots of zits were blurred out. On a positive side, the pics might get him laid on Craigslist’s casual encounters.

  8. Nice body. Shame about the face. And the personality.

  9. Did he have work done? His face looks “rested.”

  10. Sorta curious about what he’s packing, but wouldn’t sleep with it.

  11. Agree with Tony and Darling. A nice bod can’t hide the fact that he’s a douchebag.

  12. Physically, yes he’s hot. Intellectually, he’s an asshole, and he’s not funny.

  13. He’s pretty gross and can’t stand him

  14. I loves me some Dane, but that’s the weirdest torso shave pattern I’ve ever seen. Who shaves everything below the belly button and leaves everything else alone? Bless your straight heart, Dane.

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