!! OMG, over 2,000 concert-goers contract COVID at Bad Bunny’s massive concert !!

Over 2,000 peeps tested positive for COVID, after the Reggaetón star, Bad Bunny‘s concert in Puerto Rico, he held a concert in San Juan. There were over 70,000 people at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in attendance.

But according to the Puerto Rican epidemiology office, 2,000 people resulted infected, this after the Omicron variant has caused concerns worldwide, even though organizers demanded masks and vaccination certificates.

Whoops! Yeah, that’s definitely not being a good, bunny! Have you caught the Omi’s yet, OMG?

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4 Comments on "OMG, over 2,000 concert-goers contract COVID at Bad Bunny’s massive concert"

  1. I can see your point, HG. I think the writer was applying a level of snark and sarcasm to the story warrants – 2000 people have now contracted Covid-19 all because they really, really wanted to “live life” and “have experiences”. Net: The right to behave astonishingly stupid.

    This reminds me of reading about the bare-back parties of the 1990’s, where men didn’t care about HIV status of the participants; they just wanted to have raw sex.

    • A good comparison- the BBP of the 1990’s. Very much a “I want what I want because I want it and nothing is going to stop me!!” attitude. Actions have consequences. And I completely get that people who religiously mask and who are vaxxed and boosted still get Covid, but when one behaves in a reckless manner your risks exponentially increase. And I don’t have to have any sympathy for you because you decided to do something stupid.

  2. As Forrest Bump said: Stupid is as stupid does…..

  3. I’m really struggling to make sense of the pandemic reporting on here. I’ve seen “the omis” and “pandemmie.” If part of the problem is that people are taking the virus’s many variants too unseriously, not sure this terminology is doing a great deal to underscore the threat it–and our negligence in taking common sense precautions–pose. I also worry that this treatment of catching omicron as inevitable is going to cause people to be even less intentional about precautions, which will have terrible consquences for old, ill and disabled folks, not to mention those too young to be vaccinated. Don’t mean to be a buzzkill, and I suspect this isn’t the author’s intention since virus fallout is getting highlighted. Just a reaction I have seeing the language around the virus on here that felt worth mentioning.

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