!! OMG, gossip: ‘Jersey Shore’ is about to get gayer !!


Expect to see a whole lot more meatball on Jersey Shore thanks to Snooki and JWOWW’s gay best friends, both named Joey [towleroad]
High-fashion house Lanvin has gone the way of American Apparel and cast “real people” in its latest campaign [jezebel]
Um, apparently Tom Cruise didn’t see the Katie Holmes divorce coming… didn’t he check the contract? [evil beet]
OMG, did you know it’s possible to look more attractive by… being more healthy? Crazy [double viking]
Hey, maybe don’t do this with an escalator and a scooter [dlisted]
At least we know now that William Levy doesn’t have a coke problem… [kenneth]
OMG, Dan Savage is making a movie about openly gay politicians [joe]
It should come as no surprise that postcards from France reeeeeeaaaallllllyyyy make you want to go to France [oh la la]
Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender are basically having sex on the new cover of W — but, whatever, it’s fashion [popbytes]
OMG, all five Backstreet Boys are set to make another album. What now, One Direction? [socialite life]
Also back from the ’90s with a new talk show: Ricki Lake [tabloid prodigy]
As if you don’t already know, the 10 hottest American athletes are… [celebrity cafe]
Should we just assume at this point that Miley Cyrus is “leaking” her “personal photos” [amy grindhouse]
Check out all the hotties who made it out to AfterElton’s Hot 100 party [after elton]
OMG, new album and tour details from Diamond Rings [arjan]
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West couldn’t help but show off their scream faces for the entire twitterverse to see [allie]
Oh right, everyone believes Blake Lively that she doesn’t exercise because she’s “been very lucky” [celebitchy]
Suspenders… so hot right now [berry]

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