!! OMG gossip: Vivienne Westwood gets the boys into their undies !!

OMG super hot, super gay Vivienne Westwood underwear ads! [kenneth]
OMG Ellen Degeneres new American Idol judge! [socialite life]
Lindsay Lohan is officially the “artistic adviser” of Emanuel Ungaro [dlisted]
OMG Kate Moss freak-out! [l.a. rag mag]
Megan Fox will never make a sex tape [amy grindhouse]
Oprah does not support Chris Brown [gabby]
OMG Gerard Butler with donuts in his butt! [wimb]
Tyra Banks launches new “maga-line” (no that’s not a typo) [jezebel]
Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 strip a model naked in the ad for their new online store. We’re talking visible peen. [oh la la]
Victoria Beckham has eaten in the last ten years [yeeeah]
OMG Rose McGowan as Red Sonja is almost here! [wow report]
OMG biggest Oprah fan ever! [tabloid prodigy]

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