!! OMG, new Kids On TV video! !!

If you’ve ever attended a drag cabaret in Toronto, chances are you’ve had a gander at Keith Cole’s balls. The dynamic duo typically cameo about halfway through his notoriously intense, occasionally violent and always hilarious performances. Electro pop trio Kids On TV not only pay homage to the man with the hardest working horse chestnuts in Toronto with their song “Still on About Keith Cole”, they recruited him to conceive and direct the video, a homage to San Francisco theater troupe The Cockettes.
Kids On TV’s new EP “Shape Shifting Mutants” is out now on Chicks On Speed Records and will be released in Canada on Sept. 24 via Blocks Recording Club. Fans of Keith Cole can catch him and his array of low-cut dresses and hockey jerseys at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre this Friday, Sept. 11 at his new regular The Keith Cole Experience.

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