!! OMG gossip: Abercrombie wants you (or maybe them) !!

OMG Abercrombie has put out a casting call to all its male employees to be the new face of the brand! [oh la la]
Move over Anderson Cooper: Larry King is now TV’s most eligible bachelor. [dlisted]
And Mel Gibson is also now single, though he’s not eligible, just the same old freak [popeater]
Refinery 29’s Spring 2010 playlist has arrived, this time curated by Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste [refinery 29]
Did Michael Phelps fart at a baseball game? The outraged fans around him say “yes” [tabloid prodigy]
Angelina Jolie hangs with your mother-in-law [hollywood rag]
Ice-T’s wife Coco has an adorable bulldog puppy… and a huge butt. [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
Who spray-painted “Vajayjay” on a brick wall and then posed for a photo in front of it? [bwe]
Parents think Twilight is too sexual. Umm… isn’t the point that it celebrates the precious the flower of virginity as the most important thing a girl can possibly have? It’s the opposite of sexual. [betty]
Whose fantastic butt is that on the cover of the new Scissor Sisters album “Night Work”? [popbytes]
Justin Timberlake makes fun of Jessica Biel behind her bike. He should start a gossip blog. [allie]
Jersey Shore girls get classy for Harper’s Bazaar. Snooki, is that you?? [socialite life]
Edward and Bella‘s love scenes in Twilight: Eclipse were so wooden they have to reshoot them with a new director two months before the movie is coming out [popsugar]
Charlie Sheen brings escorts back to his wife’s bed while she’s out [superficial]
Is Oprah both a liar and a lesbian? [yeeeah]
Gwyneth Paltrow totally owned 1994 [lainey]
Glee does “Vogue” [l.a. rag mag]
Someone torched the rainbow flag outside New York’s LGBT Community Center [towleroad]
Courtney Love does not want Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain [anything hollywood]
OMG two drunk girls on the floor of the public bathroom! [dirty]
Dirty, dirty banana ad [kenneth]
This is one way Chatroulette can ruin your life [uncoached]

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