!! OMG, he’s on ‘Guys With iPhones’: Jordan Knight !!

I should be excited to find probably-gay New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight‘s self portrait on Guys With iPhones, but I do have some regrets: mainly that he’s not as smokin’ as my third grade memory recalls and that he’s not wearing that billowing white shirt in front of a fan that teasingly exposes his chiseled (and oiled) pectorals.
Otherwise this photo is fine, I guess. (Thanks to Derek and Brandon for the tip!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s on ‘Guys With iPhones’: Jordan Knight"

  1. actually it is his brother who is gay. Jordan is not gay. Just b/c he is a very attractive man all you insecure guys /gals have to hate is a bunch of BS. Jordan can sing/dance/write songs. He is very talented. Do your research assholes before you start singling out your insecurities!!

  2. Both brothers look gay to me…

  3. Never was a NKOTB fan… mostly because when they broke up I was like 5.. but I do remember when he had his solo career with the song “Give it to you” and I thought damn that man is fine all up and down (and I was like 12 XD). I even went to one of his concerts. But he’s really let himself go since then. His brother is so much hotter!

  4. Not sure why straight men post on GWIP.

  5. If you want to see the open shirt waving flowingly in front of a fan, do a search of Baby I Believe In You – Live on YouTube 🙂

  6. who? 😉

  7. ok, ppl beat me to the wrong brother thing. LOL
    it’s only b/c I just recently saw that entry on here.
    anyway, *sighs dreamily* I like him better with a more mature look. Fuck smooth oiled abs. Ken doll=NOTHX.

  8. Hey idiots,
    Thanks for the lesson on which Knight brother is gay –– I think we all knew…as well as the blog poster. This is why he said “probably gay” because, let’s face it, any guy on GuysWithIphones.com is PROBABLY gay!

  9. It’s his BROTHER, JONATHAN, that’s gay, not him.

  10. Wrong gay Knight brother! The gay one is Jonathan Knight, not Jordan. =)

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